"A truck stop on Robb Drive would refuel 1,000 semi-trucks a day. This would require four 30,000-gallon underground storage tanks, made of fiberglass, buried in the shifting sands above the Truckee River. The property is located on 4 fault zones! Inevitably a large magnitude earthquake would rupture these glass-like tanks, sending 120,000 gallons of diesel into the sand and eventually downgrade our life-sustaining river for eons. This would annihilate all plant, fish and wildlife from Mayberry Park and the water treatment plant to Pyramid Lake. It would putrefy the water for Reno, Sparks and those dependent along the river's course. It would extinguish the largest rookery of white pelicans in North America living at Pyramid Lake. It would forever destroy the primal source of water for Native Americans living on the shores of that Emerald Green Wonder, turning it into a Valdez oil slick. Since Nevada does not have an environment protection agency, it is up to Nevadans to be heard as one united voice to protect themselves." - G. Parks

"While I am now happy to call Reno home, the Midwest was my home of some 40 years. In addition to the lovely pastoral scenes of the agricultural landscape there, we were victimized by the intrusive and offensive nature of the Flying J. The southwest side of Indianapolis for instance has been blighted by this company for a number of years. Now that they are there it is nearly impossible to get them out. They are an eyesore of a company that simply ruins wherever they are. Even in the rural settings of Indiana and Ohio, the noise and eyesore level is unbelievable. In addition to the expected loud and smelly trucks, their facilities have invasive lighting systems that are not to be believed. They do not keep their properties physically clean as they promise they will -- trash blows like snow all year long. The various illegal things that go with truck stops are magnified with them because they (Flying J) simply do not care as long as there is money to be made. To say that they are bad neighbors is the very least to be said." I really wonder if the leaders of Reno understand what a blight they would be allowing if that truck stop comes. It seems to me that with all the renewed efforts to keep the Truckee Meadows clean and pristine this outfit is just what we don't need. I was just appalled when I first heard of the possible location anywhere near Reno. It seems to me that the truckers should all know by now where the beautiful Sierras are and that they can fuel up either in Sparks or somewhere east of there. Let us recommend that they use Sierra Sid's and not create another eyesore. All of this makes me wonder what research, if any, is done by the Planning Dept. here when they have to consider some of these companies." -  Kathy W.

"With the recent earthquakes in NW Reno, it brings up the question of fire. Last summer fire jumped the freeway and came right up to the fence line. The risk of forest fire was bad enough, but the thought of a fuel fire is terrifying, and something tells me Flying J won't be too worried about this; will the local government?" - R. Reid

"A truck stop even being considered at the entrance to our city is just absurd!  I worked at the Western Village in Sparks for 14 years and I know all about truck stops. They had to deal with drug dealers, prostitution, and all types of illegal activity, even murder! I see nothing but trouble if we let this facility be built near our homes, schools and churches." - Priscilla R.

"I've never heard of anything so ridiculous as to put this sort of truck stop just a couple of city blocks from a residential neighborhood with many families, playgrounds and schools. It amazes me that this is even a topic of discussion, as it should strike any rational human being as a very bad idea! How can one imagine that a municipal government would not protect its citizens from something that would bring drugs, crime, prostitution, noise and light pollution to what is currently a perfectly good, residential neighborhood? What about the increase in truck traffic, the sound of engine braking through the night, and the smell of diesel in the air? This is unfair to local citizens and will contribute to urban blight and further drops in housing prices for NW Reno residents. How can our local government allow this rezoning and development to take place, and so put corporate interests ahead of those of its citizens? Usually truck stops are constructed well outside of residential neighborhoods, where they can do no harm. There is absolutely no need for the proposed truck stop, and it has the potential to do great damage to Reno neighborhoods. It seems absurd that it is even being considered as a possibility. But then, money talks and it can happen that local residents may be railroaded by a large corporation out to make a profit." - Peter W.

"I believe a truck stop in NW Reno will contribute to the declining property value in that area, not to mention the increased traffic congestion, diesel engine noise and pollution." - Will H.

"I am totally opposed to this project. Anything but a truck stop, please! I went thru a similar battle with the city council 3 years ago when they wanted to place a concrete recycling batch plant directly behind my house for the ReTrac project. After attending council meetings and talking to the RGJ, it was approved (even though the cityís own Planning Commission recommended it be denied). Sadly, I think our cause will fall on deaf ears again, but I am willing to try. Money talks for the council, and Flying J has plenty of it." - Jason L.

"I can't imagine how long it would take to get through the Robb Drive exit ramp during rush hour with a bunch of slow, lumbering trucks backed up on the ramp, making left turns on and off the bridge. What a nightmare this would create! Just see what it's like at McCarren and I-80 in Sparks around noon time or at rush hour to see what I mean -- it often takes 2 or 3 cycles of a light to get through the intersection. And what about the snow days when I-80 is shut? All those trucks would be jammed up at the Robb Drive interchange. Not to mention the noise, air pollution, drug trade, prostitution and assorted crimes that come with truck stops. I moved to Northwest Reno (instead of Fernley or Sparks) to avoid these kinds of problems." - Steve D.

"1. Diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen, according to OSHA, American Lung Assn, and EPA. Hot spots for diesel exhaust issues are at exits, where idling, and where accelerating and de-accelerating. Also, other health issues with so much exhaust. Diesel exhaust also most harmful to children and seniors. And we have a senior housing just down the road and schools not far away.   2. Huge traffic issues relating to the Robb Drive funnel, where we have placed almost all traffic coming from Reno NW onto the freeway.   3. Bad place for trucks to be stopping at the western gateway to Reno. Aesthetically abhorrent. And you could add light and noise pollution." - Fred F.

"Do we want people's first impression of Reno to be a messy truck stop? Please don't fool around with the Robb Drive area. It is one of the nicest places in Reno." - Jon R.

"I too disagree with the building of a truck stop South of I-80 on Robb Drive. I always thought that would be ideal for a shopping center or similar, not a truck stop. That would be a complete eyesore for the residents of Northwest Reno who live out here to avoid stuff like this. Let's not forget the noise, pollution, and constant traffic issues this would cause on Robb Drive. Let's not turn Northwest Reno into an area like East McCarran and I-80 in Sparks. Truck stops are notorious for attracting transients, criminals, and more. Please don't bring this to the area we have come to love! We moved out of Sparks for a reason!" - Steve and Billie W.

"The Flying J Truck Stop is not just a problem for the Northwest, it is a blight upon all of Reno. The land where this truck stop is to be constructed would be a far better location for restaurants to be built to look up at the fair mountains, and build condominiums and townhouses. This is not an industrial location, this is not Vista Blvd or East McCarran, this is a family community and Reno should treat its residents who pay their property taxes with the same consideration as they wish to keep our land values high to continue keeping our area prosperous and wealthy, not degrading like the Reno of old. City planning in Reno needs an overhaul. There is still much that can be saved with an eye for beauty and quality of life. Protect your investment." - Ward R.

"A truck terminal, no matter how nicely it is designed, will not provide community identity and pride.  Truck stops are needed facilities, but are more appropriate for industrial and manufacturing areas, not as "gateways" into a community and not surrounding existing residential uses.  The applicants are seeking a SPA/PUD land use and zoning designation so that they can build facilities that are not typically consistent with one another (i.e. truck stop and residential uses).  Section 18.08.303 (b) (1) of the City's Zoning Code states that a "planned unit development may include any uses permitted in any zone classification provided that any combination of uses is planned in a manner compatible to each and to the surrounding environment subject to the approval of the city council".  The key words for the project applicant are "may include any uses permitted in any zone classification", which is why they're proposing a SPA/PUD. The project proponents state that Policy 2 of the McQueen Plan is consistent with the proposed project ("commercial zoning should be limited to existing properties, except in freeway corridor areas").  I seriously doubt that the intent of Policy 2 is to allow a truck terminal facility to be built in the freeway corridor of the Plan. Community commercial uses (grocery store, gas station, small retail shops, restaurants) maybe but not a 200 parking stall truck terminal.  Furthermore, there are land use and zoning consistency issues, aesthetics, and air quality issues to say the least with this proposed project.  Please get the word out that this is a bad location for the type of facilities proposed." - James A.

"Iím very concerned with the proposed construction of a truck stop at already busy intersection and so close to the residential area with many families, playgrounds and schools. Itís astounding that this idea is even open to discussion, as itís completely ridiculous! The Northwest Reno already got the Walmart nobody wanted. Is this the next development our local government is prepared to sell us out for?" Ė Marija J.

"A truck stop anywhere near Robb Drive is a travesty and an example of why we felt we could not move to Reno in prior years. Poor planning of roads, not enough resources to schools, no community centers for youth, a downtown that is shameful... I guess the truck stop would fit right in! If nothing else consider the young people in the NW who walk/ride bikes to and from school, work and church, etc., the property value of the entire NW (Somersett must be pitching a fit!), the noise added to what Hwy. 80 already creates, the pollution from the trucks coming and going, the traffic congestion, the wear and tear on roads...need I say more? Come on Reno, grow up and be a real some pride and good planning. Reno is a beautiful area with incredible potential to be on the map of great places to live...tell the trucks to keep it at Boomtown." - Jacquelyn C.

"A truck stop should not be located near homes, schools, senior living and churches. This is not a commercial or industrial area, like the areas the two nearby truck stops are located: Boomtown and Sparks. We have serious concerns for public safety--this is a residential area, where children and going to and from school--walking, riding and in school buses. We are concerned about potential delays for emergency vehicles needing to get to the residents of the Northwest. Robb Drive already has too much congestion, because of the number of residents utilizing that exit ramp. There would be an increased level of crime inflicted on a residential neighborhood. Drugs and runaways are prevalent in/around truck stops.  Undesirables drawn to a truck stop could also commit a crime on the residents nearby." - Mr. & Ms. H. James

"I am a local truck driver living in N.W. Reno. I no longer drive cross country because, as a truck driver, I was in most cases limited to parking and sleeping in truck stops. The smell of diesel exhaust is concentrated due to the fact that the truck engines are running all night, to run the heater and keep the batteries charging for the electrical devices being used in the truck. I have asthma, and I moved to Reno to escape the polluted air in southern California. I would never have bought a house anywhere near a truck stop. I'm sickened by the thought of smelling diesel fuel at my home. The home values will also be affected. This truck stop must not happen here." - M.K.

How can anyone be seriously considering putting a truck stop inside the city limits? This sort of thing belongs out in the desert, not in a beautiful residential area, and certainly not on a bluff overlooking the Truckee River! Are these people insane?! Tens of thousands of houses have been added to the area off of Robb Drive, and ALL of them depend on that one freeway interchange for access to the rest of the world. Putting a truck stop at the interchange will create a traffic nightmare of Las Vegas proportions. We MUST stop this! If you live anywhere in NW Reno, this is your fight. Contact the city council and mayor and tell them we will not tolerate this. If they won't stop it, we need to recall them from office and replace them with people who will work for us and not for some out-of-state corporation." -Tom C.

"A truck stop does not belong in this residential neighborhood, with churches and schools close by. The Robb Drive exit is already congested; I can't imagine trying to get home at night with semi trucks going in and out. Why not put a nice restaurant, such as an Outback, there? A truck stop will ruin the beautiful landscape and send diesel fumes into our homes. Please don't do this!" - Lois L.

"No mention has been made for a motel to be installed at the end of Robb Drive, but once the truck stop is there I am sure the owner of the Flying J will bring this plan before the council. No, we don't need another truck stop. What is going to happen when a trucker makes a wrong turn and ends up driving up Sharlands or Ambassador looking for a way to get back to the freeway? We don't need this happening near the school zones." - Tim H.

"I feel a truck stop at this location would be huge mistake. The traffic at 4:45 to 5:30 is already really bad when exiting the Robb Drive exit heading west on the left side, because the majority of the people want to turn left onto Sharlands to head towards Somersett and other residential neighborhoods. If Reno needs to add a 'truck stop' definition to their Code in order to legalize this process, then why do we have a process in the first place? Why should the local residents have to have the negative impacts of a truck stop? Especially if it only benefits truckers that don't even live in the area? Find another location, Flying J, and by the way, what is wrong with Boomtown? I am a Planner for Washoe County, and I know the impacts this kind of project would have on our NW Community. Wrong location." - Sandra M.

"I am a concerned resident of NW Reno and business owner in the community. The preliminary research I have done supports that a Truck Stop at the intersection of Robb and I-80 is NOT appropriate. If you look at the demographics of other Flying J truck stops on the west coast, there are none that I could locate that have similar demographics to the Robb Drive location. The proximity to schools, churches, and median homes with strong household incomes makes this location inconsistent with the neighborhoods and locations their other truck stops are near. It is obvious that business intentions are the only intentions of Flying J. I am concerned further that the City Council concerns themselves with only business intentions and will forget the campaign promises of strong communities, schools and neighborhoods as the basis to their commitment to our families. The trucks that will stop at Robb Drive will only be a resident of our neighborhood for a brief hour or two, perhaps even an 8 hour rest period. WE however are residents every day and many of us for a lifetime. I would hope this counts to the City Council. I have written to each City Council member several weeks ago stating my concerns; I received one reply and that was from Ms. Sferrazza. It is important that we not only make ourselves heard, but seen." - B. Kloss

"Dear Mayor Cashell and City of Reno Council Members: I recently moved to NW Reno, to a neighborhood that uses the Robb Drive exit/entrance of I-80. I believe that proceeding with the Flying J truck stop would be a serious mistake. When I purchased my home this past Spring, I did a cursory search to ascertain that no potentially harmful construction projects (both value wise and environmentally) would be allowed in this area. Imagine my chagrin when I logged on to earlier this month (thanks to the diligence of a concerned, active neighbor) and learned of Flying J's plans for a truck stop! First and foremost, the parcel of land which Flying J purchased is zoned LLR1, unlike the WalMart and K-Mart parcels which were zoned for commercial development and were built in spite of neighborhood and council actions. Flying J purchased this parcel of land KNOWING it was residential zoned, and obviously has proceeded to attempt to have the zoning changed. I drove across Nevada on I-80 this past week, and went through several Flying J truck stops. They were all eyesores, not to mention that none were even close to residential areas. Flying J has a history of fuel spills - the Truckee River is too valuable a resource, and too close to this site to risk going ahead with this project! The blights that tend to accompany truck stops are well known: drug dealing, prostitution, fuel spills and pollution just to mention a few. And add to that the danger of accidents that trucks will create for residents of NW Reno who use this exit on a daily basis for business commutes and shopping trips to other parts of Reno. When Boomtown closed their truck stop to make way for Cabela's, it was announced that they would reopen a truck stop in an adjacent location - if this is true, we do not need another truck stop in such close proximity. One truck stop as a Welcome to Reno eyesore for eastbound visitors is already more than enough. I hope that you will heed the pleas of your concerned constituents - based upon sound reasoning and factual information. You have the legal basis to reject this proposal - the land is already zoned RESIDENTIAL. Please do not allow this project to proceed!" - Albert P.

"Our property value is already going down because of the economy, we donít need to lose more on the value of our house because of a filthy, noisy truck stop. I understand that a truck stop is going to be going back in at Boomtown. We donít need two, so let Boomtown have the truckers. They already have a hotel and coffee shop." - M. Walden

"Truck stops/Travel plazas ruin the quality of life for those living around the area. The private homes do not need to hear the noise factors created by the grinding of the truck gears as they come up the off ramps. When the homes were built, there was no talk of a truck stop. Increase of light pollution: We already view the Robb Drive lights from across the river on River Front Drive. Those lights are minimal compared to the lights that would be generated from Flying J's facility. There is no possible mitigation or creative design techniques that would be acceptable to the increased light pollution. Additional congestion at that portion of Robb isn't needed and the building of a truck stop would lessen public safety. Cars exiting from the west would have to come to a complete stop as truck maneuver into the facility. Council: Listen to the voters, for whom of each of you work. Please do not change the residential designation." - Lynne S.

"I initially moved to Northwest Reno (off Robb Drive) from Los Angeles because it was my favorite part of town. It wasn't easy to get me to move to Reno in the first place, but in five years the town has become my home. The last thing I want to see as I exit the freeway each and every day to my quiet home is a busy truck stop, plus the additional traffic will be a nuisance in an area not designed for congestion. Why develop the land at all?" - Tiffany B.

"I've lived off of Robb Drive since I moved back to Reno from Sacramento 4 years ago. Sacramento has a lot of pollution there, you get used to it, but to be in my own backyard, that's just ridiculous, not to mention all the traffic and congestion it will create." - Leslie

"We do not want or need a Flying J Truck Stop at the Robb Dr. intersection. The loop that we need to take to go east on Hwy. 80 is very tight. Many times, when you enter the highway, the eastbound traffic tries to enter your lane at a high rate of speed. The increase in the amount of trucks using this entry will be an accident waiting to happen!  Walmart was built against our objections. Is it a coincidence that we now need to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers money to widen McCarran from 4th street to 7th street to accommodate the increase in traffic? How much will this truck stop really cost us in the end if we allow rezoning?" -Linda B.

"It is great seeing all the concern poured out on this site in attempts to prevent a disastrous proposed use of putting a truck stop in our neighborhood. Hopefully the mayor and members of the city council will take the time to read them. As a former member of two planning commissions in another state, I think the proposal needed to be reviewed; however, a variance to the existing denoted land use does not have to be passed. Hear us well and do the right thing!" - E. Bishop

"The Robb Dr. exit cannot handle the traffic flow into the Northwest residential area already, let alone additional truck traffic. The I-80 corridor is the entrance to Reno. As a community, the aesthetic appearance of our area needs to be planned and protected. Our residential real estate market already has downward market pressures. I donít think any home owner would appreciate local politicians or zoning officials adding to that downward pressure. I would question the intention of any local politician that would allow this facility to enter our community so close to our families and homes." - Will L.

"The proposed truck stop is inappropriate for the I-80/Robb Drive area. There are adequate truck stops in Sparks, Verdi, Bordertown, and one still planned for the south 395 corridor. My reasons for opposing the truck stop are as follows: 1. Air Quality. Increased big rig and transient vehicle traffic will affect the air quality, not just the neighborhood but all of Reno. Planning knows it's already an issue! 2. Safety, this is predominately a neighborhood of single family homes, small locally owned businesses and schools...lots of schools. How can Reno Planners think it's a good idea to run big rigs and increased traffic through these neighborhoods? 3. Traffic. Why on earth would Reno want to direct them through these particular residential areas? 4. Not in the Reno Master Plan. Mayor Bob, please listen to your west Reno constituents. Do not allow this truck stop!" - Cynthia E.

"As a homeowner in Northwest Reno, I think introducing elements of crime associated with truck stops, along with the consequent congestion and noise, to our neighborhood is beyond comprehension. If the Flying J succeeds in re-zoning this area, I will no longer feel comfortable with the thought of my kids walking to school unescorted in the future." - Matt R.

"Having a truck stop at my exit would be a disaster for everyone who lives here. First of all it will lower the value of our home. Second it will be unsafe for all the children having the trucks around. Third imagine the pollution that we would have. Trucks belong in a commercial zone, not where all residential is located." - Lorelei V.

"When a 60í truck pulls off the highway they engage the J brake. And now the fun begins. a. First the loud noise as the truck slows down. b. Now the truck goes to pull into the truck stop. c. Due to our temperatures most of the trucks will have to keep their engines running, especially if they stay overnight. d. Now lots of emissions will go into our local air and reduce our air quality. e. Due to the proposed volume of fuel keep any one of the trucks coming off the ramp could go out of control and cause an explosion. f. The residential area is too close to permit this type of an operation. g. One of the most scenic views of the city occurs at the top of the Interstate 80 @ Robb Drive. h. Arenít we trying to promote our city. The view will be gone to the visitors. i. I am not against truck stops located in commercial areas at either end of the city just not close to residential areas. j. The off ramp for Robb drive seems not designed to the volume of traffic that will occur." - Ken N.

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